Troop 499 - Uniform Exchange

If your child is just joining Boy Scouts or is already a member but has grown out of his old uniform, you will quickly find that new uniforms can be pretty expensive. Troop 499 has established a Uniform Exchange program that is open to all Scouts who are a part of our troop. The Exchange is a place where Scouts who are in need of a uniform can get an experienced (used) Scout uniform if one is available.

The rules are simple;

  • If you take an item from the Exchange, please return it to the Exchange when you are through with it.
  • If you are replacing an item that you have outgrown, please contribute your old article to the the Exchange

Like public television, the Uniform Exchange relies on your support for its continued existence. Itís a great way to pass on your uniforms (donations) to Scouts that are in need of a Scout uniform. Anything that can be used for an approved Boy Scouts of America uniform is appreciated including, but not limited to, all Scout shirts, pants, shorts, neckerchief, socks, tee shirts, hats, patches, and more.

If you are interested in acquiring an item or making a donation to the Exchange please contact the Scoutmaster or Troop Committee Chairman.

There are two official uniforms that are worn by the Scouts of Troop 499 (see section F of the Troop 499 Operating Procedures for a full description of what comprises a complete uniform and when to wear it).

If you don't know which patch goes where, click here for more information.